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The launch of the Art Helmets auction will take place on Saturday July 17 at 5 p.m., at the Car Collection of the Prince of Monaco, located at the Terrasses de Fontvieille. This sale, placed under the high patronage of Prince Albert II, aims to support the Monaco Liver Disorder association, chaired by Princess Charlene of Monaco, which is dedicated to medical research.

The works are currently on preview at the Car Collection Museum since July 1. From July 15, they will be open to the public free of charge. For those who cannot make it there, the complete catalog is available on Artcurial's official website.

This unique initiative combining art and motorsport aims to raise awareness and funds for medical research. Art Helmets represent both unique works of art and functional objects, creating a fascinating convergence between artistic aesthetics and the world of motor racing.

By participating in this auction, art lovers and motorsport enthusiasts will have the opportunity to support a noble cause while acquiring unique and exclusive. The event is a real invitation to discover extraordinary artistic creations and to actively contribute to medical research.

In conclusion, the Art Helmets collection presented by Artcurial represents a captivating fusion between contemporary art and motorsport. This auction for the benefit of Monaco Liver Disorder offers a unique opportunity to support medical research while celebrating the creativity of artists. This event symbolizes art's commitment to social causes and highlights art's ability to transcend borders and inspire change.

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