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To interview: Hello everyone, today we have the opportunity to interview the artist Vincent Bardou. Vincent, many people are curious to know what you think of Banksy, an emblematic figure of street art. Can you share your perspective on his work?

Vincent Bardou: Hello, thanks for having me here. Banksy is undeniably an undeniable force in the world of street art. What impresses me most about him is his ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional art and communicate powerful messages through his works in public space.

Interviewer: How do you think Banksy's work has influenced the street art landscape, and has this had an impact on your own artistic approach?

Vincent Bardou: Banksy opened up new perspectives in the world of street art, propelling it onto the global stage. His social and political engagement added additional depth and meaning to this form of artistic expression. For me, its impact lies in its ability to provoke thought and provoke important conversations through urban art. Although our artistic style may differ, I respect his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in an often unconventional environment.

To interview: How do you perceive the relationship between street art and modern society, and how is this reflected in Banksy's work?

Vincent Bardou: Street art, of which Banksy is a leading representative, offers an alternative, often rebellious voice in the urban fabric. It is a form of art that goes beyond conventional galleries to express itself directly in public space. Banksy has brilliantly used this platform to address social, political and environmental issues. This strengthens the connection between art and modern society, as it can reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

“Vincent Bardou unveils the soul of street art, revealing how Banksy’s impact transcends walls”

To interview: Is there a specific work by Banksy that particularly struck or inspired you?

Vincent Bardou: There are so many remarkable works by Banksy, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be "Girl with a Balloon." The simplicity of this work and the way it evokes deep emotions while conveying a powerful message is truly inspiring. It’s an example of how art can transcend boundaries and touch everyone’s hearts and minds.

To interview: Thank you very much, Vincent, for sharing your perspective on Banksy and street art. It’s fascinating to hear your perspective as an artist.

Vincent Bardou: Thank you. It was a pleasure to discuss these interesting topics.

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