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To interview : Hello Vincent, can you tell us a little about yourself and your artistic journey?

Vincent Bardou: Hello, of course! I was born in Vitry-sur-Seine in Val de Marne and I began to be interested in art from a very young age. I trained in graphic design and then worked as a graphic designer for several years. It was by discovering the street art movement that I wanted to get into painting.

To interview : What attracts you to street art?

Vincent Bardou: What I like is the ephemeral aspect of this art form. The works are often created on temporary supports, such as walls or trains, and are often erased or covered over by other artists. I like this idea of creating something beautiful that will only last for a while.

To interview : Can you tell us about your painting representing a young Indian girl which was our favorite?

Vincent Bardou: Of course, this painting is one of my favorite works. I wanted to create a contrast between the portrait of the young girl, painted in shades of gray, and the very colorful and chaotic background. The girl represents serenity and beauty, while the graffiti symbolizes chaos and urban life. I wanted to show that even in a noisy and chaotic environment, it is possible to find moments of beauty and calm.

To interview : How do you choose your subjects of inspiration for your paintings?

Vincent Bardou: I often draw inspiration from my daily environment, from the city and from popular culture. I also like working on universal themes, like love, death or nature. For me, the important thing is to create works that speak to people, that tell them a story or that evoke an emotion in them.

To interview : What are your plans for this year?

Vincent Bardou: I am currently working on a series of paintings that explore the relationship between man and nature. I also have collaboration projects with other artists. My goal is to continue to create works that resonate with people and help beautify our environment.

To interview : How do you see your work evolving in the years to come?

Vincent Bardou: I think my work will continue to evolve and develop by exploring new themes and styles. I have always been inspired by urban culture and I think I will continue to express myself through this aesthetic. I am also interested in using new technologies in my art, such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

To interview : Thank you Vincent for this information. We look forward to seeing your future projects and exhibitions.

Vincent Bardou: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to share my work with people.

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