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vincent bardou


Discover the various print options offered by Vincent Bardou, a talented and passionate artist.

You have the choice of the standalone poster, available in a limited edition of 20 copies worldwide. This high-quality poster will allow you to enjoy Vincent Bardou's artwork in your own home, in a perfect format that showcases his art beautifully.

If you're looking for an even more elegant presentation, opt for the framed poster with a mat. This limited edition of 20 copies adds an extra touch of sophistication to your space. The high-quality framing will enhance Vincent Bardou's artwork and give a polished look to your surroundings.

For an even more exclusive option, explore the Plexiglas version framed with a black wooden frame. This ultra-limited edition is available in only 5 copies. The Plexiglas offers exceptional transparency that highlights the details and vibrant colors of the artwork. The black wooden frame adds a contemporary and elegant touch to this unique art piece.

Whether you choose the standalone poster, the framed poster with a mat, or the Plexiglas framed version, Vincent Bardou's prints are an exceptional way to own an exclusive piece of his art. Don't miss this opportunity to collect a remarkable artwork and create an artistic ambiance in your space.

The prints are available exclusively on Vincent Bardou's website!

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