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portrait banksy face

Banksy is an anonymous urban artist from the United Kingdom, whose identity remains largely unknown. Born around 1974, his beginnings in street art date back to the 1990s in Bristol. His distinctive style combines humor, social satire and powerful visual elements. Banksy is renowned for his artistic stencils and politically charged graffiti that often appear in public places, delivering provocative messages.

His work has become internationally famous, covering topics such as war, politics, consumer society, and injustice. His artistic interventions, sometimes ephemeral, have been carried out on walls, buildings and even famous works of art, creating a significant cultural impact.

Banksy is also the author of several books, including "Wall and Piece," which compiles a selection of his most iconic works. Despite his international fame, Banksy rigorously maintains his anonymity, which adds a mysterious dimension to his personality and reinforces his image as a rebellious artist. His ability to remain incognito has sparked much speculation about his identity, but he remains one of the most enigmatic and influential contemporary artists.


Banksy, the street art virtuoso

In conclusion, Banksy remains a fascinating enigma in the world of contemporary art. His secret identity and subversive approach captivated audiences, while his provocative works redefined the boundaries of artistic expression. Through street art and his incisive interventions, Banksy has made the world think about social, political and environmental issues. His ability to blend humor, social criticism, and artistic mastery has elevated his status beyond the world of graffiti, making him one of the most influential and mysterious figures in the contemporary art world. Its impact transcends gallery walls, touching directly to the heart of society and inviting everyone to question and rethink the transformative power of art.

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