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tony parker par coeur gala

A Memorable Charity Evening at the 2019 Par Coeur Gala

In 2019, the Par Coeur Gala brought together a host of personalities at the Pavillon d'Armenonville for an exceptional charity evening. Figures such as Miss France, former renowned athletes and renowned journalists converged around a sumptuous dinner with the aim of supporting charitable causes. This annual event, orchestrated by former basketball player Tony Parker, proved to be a real success, both in terms of fundraising and the mobilization of influential figures.

Vincent Bardou and His Artistic Commitment

The 2019 edition of the Par Coeur Gala was marked by the artistic generosity of Vincent Bardou, who put his exceptional work entitled “Salvador Dali” up for auction. This unique piece, imbued with Bardou's distinctive vision, sparked strong interest among attendees, ultimately selling for a remarkable $10,000. Bardou's artistic contribution added a distinctive artistic dimension to this already prestigious event, while contributing significantly to the funds raised for the Sourire à la vie association.

Prestige Dinner for a Noble Cause

Beyond the excitement of the auctions, the 2019 Par Coeur Gala was an opportunity to celebrate solidarity around a sumptuous charity dinner. The funds raised during the evening were intended to support the laudable actions of the Sourire à la vie association. The engagement of the celebrity community in attendance highlighted the importance of philanthropy in the context of this event, adding an extra layer of meaning to an already unforgettable evening.

par coeur gala tony parker

Tony Parker, Project Manager and Standard Bearer of Solidarity

Distinguished organizer and fervent defender of charitable works, Tony Parker has once again proven his commitment as mastermind of the Par Coeur Gala. His vision of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to support noble causes has been successful. The 2019 Par Coeur Gala thus remains a shining testimony to the capacity of sport, art and celebrity to unite to create a positive impact in society.

(Tony Parker posing in front of the work “Dali” by Vincent Bardou)

tony parker & vincent bardou
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