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Richard Orlinski is a contemporary French sculptor whose works are often characterized by bold lines and dynamic forms. Here are some of his most famous works:

"Wild Kong" (2004)

This stainless steel gorilla sculpture is one of Orlinski's most iconic works, depicting brute force and animal power.

sculpture lion de richard orlinski

"Born Wild" (2013)

This series of sculptures includes iconic animals such as lions, wolves and bears, expressing the wild and untamed nature of wildlife.

"Crocodile" (2014)

This imposing sculpture of a crocodile in resin and aluminum highlights Orlinski's talent for capturing vivacity and fluidity in sculptural forms.

sculpture resine crocodile rouge de richard orlinski
sculpture T-rex graffiti de richard orlinski

“T-Rex” (2015)

Richard Orlinski's "T-Rex" sculpture was presented in 2015. This iconic work depicts a Tyrannosaurus rex with modern lines and dynamic shapes, reflecting the artist's distinctive style. The T-Rex sculpture is part of Richard Orlinski's "Born Wild" series, showcasing iconic animals with a contemporary aesthetic.

"Panther" (2018)

This depiction of a panther with elegant lines and polished surfaces demonstrates Orlinski's concern for aesthetics and sophistication.

statue panther de richard orlinski
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