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richard orlinski

Richard Orlinski is a contemporary French sculptor and artist, born January 6, 1966 in Paris. He developed a passion for art and aesthetics very early on, exploring different forms of artistic expression. Orlinski is particularly distinguished by his innovative approach to sculpture, merging the power of animality with geometric rigor.

His first steps in the artistic world date back to the 2000s, and his fame quickly spread beyond the French borders. Richard Orlinski has gained international notoriety thanks to his iconic works, characterized by clean lines, angular shapes, and a bold use of materials such as metal, bronze, and resin.

The artist explores a wide range of themes, but it is his “Born Wild” series that propels him onto the global art scene. This collection highlights iconic wild animals, such as the lion, gorilla and snake, interpreted with a contemporary aesthetic and dynamic energy.

Beyond his sculptures, Richard Orlinski is also involved in various artistic projects, collaborating with renowned brands and exploring different artistic disciplines, from music to fashion. His work embodies the meeting between the raw force of nature and the sophistication of contemporary artistic creation, making Richard Orlinski an essential figure on the contemporary art scene.

richard orlinski art

Richard Orlinski "the Artist with a Thousand Facets" 

Richard Orlinski stands out as a bold and innovative contemporary artist, whose work explores the encounter between wilderness and modernity. His iconic sculptures, characterized by clean lines, angular shapes and inventive use of materials, captivate a global audience. The “Born Wild” series demonstrates its ability to express animal power with a contemporary aesthetic, while its variations of shapes, from crocodiles to bears to dragons, reflect exceptional creative diversity.

Orlinski does not limit himself to sculpture, but extends his influence through collaborations in varied fields of art and entertainment. His involvement in music and fashion shows a constant desire to explore new forms of artistic expression. Richard Orlinski thus stands as an essential figure in the contemporary art scene, capturing the essence of strength and beauty through a masterful fusion of nature, animality and modernity.

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