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These five iconic works by Jean-Michel Basquiat capture the essence of his artistic genius, blending visual experimentation with deep reflection on society and identity.

"Untitled" (1981)

This iconic work is representative of Basquiat's expressive and distinctive style, blending abstract elements, texts and symbols.

painting jean-michel basquiat untitled
painting boy and dog in johnnypump by jean-michel basquiat

"Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump" (1982)

This painting features a young boy accompanied by a dog, combining childish features with the emotional depth characteristic of Basquiat's art.

"Hollywood Africans" (1983)

This work explores themes of black identity and African American culture, capturing attention with its vibrant colors and cultural references.

painting hollywood africans by jean-michel basquiat street art
artwork irony of negro policeman street art by jeam-michel basquiat

"Irony of Negro Policeman" (1981)

Basquiat addresses complex social issues in this piece, illustrating his commitment to issues of social justice and race in the United States.

Untitled (1982)

"Untitled" 1982 is a captivating drawing showcasing Basquiat's ability to layer text and images, creating a multidimensional visual experience. This complex and dynamic creation skillfully fuses symbols and abstract forms, inviting viewers to engage with it in a deeply personal way.

Jean Michel Basquiat Untitled 1982
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