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biography street artist jonone

Born in 1963 in New York, JonOne, whose real name was John Andrew Perello, emerged in the 1980s as a graffiti pioneer under the tag "Jon156". Eager to explore new artistic horizons, he moved to Paris in the early 1990s. This transition marked a turning point in his career, moving from traditional graffiti to abstract canvases rich in movement and color. JonOne is quickly becoming an international figure in the contemporary art world.

JonOne's style is a bold fusion of his graffiti heritage and abstraction. His canvases explode with visceral energy, blending bursts of bright color with dynamic shapes. JonOne's abstract compositions capture the essence of urban energy, transposing the liveliness of the streets into the contemplative space of the gallery.

JonOne enjoys global recognition with exhibitions in prestigious galleries and collaborations with renowned brands. His work transcends borders, inspiring a new generation of artists and captivating art lovers around the world.


JonOne “Artist of Movement”

JonOne is not simply an artist who redefined graffiti and contemporary abstraction, but a visual alchemist who fused elements of the past and present to create a timeless artistic dialogue. Through his canvases, he continues to resonate the transformative power of art, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in an experience where color, movement and spontaneity converge to transcend conventional boundaries. JonOne remains an essential creative force, writing his name in the perpetual epic of artistic expression.

biographie du street artist jonone
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